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Industry Security Services, Inc. "A California Corporation providing our Clients with the Best Security Officers, Software and Systems."


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Industry Security Services, Inc. provides a wide variety of Security Services for Industrial and Manufacturing, Security Access Control, Vehicle Patrol and Security Services, Ingress and Egress at Distribution, Warehousing and Manufacturing Facilities, Construction Traffic Control, Parking Lot Attendant, Front Lobby Reception, Special Event Staff, Government and Municipal, and more importantly deterring theft and vandalism at your facility.

For over a decade, Industry Security Services, Inc. has provided security services for different types of clients in many industries with vastly different requirements.

Through our years of experience, we have developed processes and procedures, promoting an environment that improves the Quality of Service that the most demanding security programs require.

Most security service failures are related to the low quality of service performed by inferior security officers. These failures can be easily avoided.

The Industry Security Services, Inc., state-of-the-art, Training and Certification Program, continually improves our officer's security knowledge.

Our security officers are recognized and rewarded for achieving stellar scores on required exams and given advancement opportunities. The objective of this Training and Certification Program is to attract and retain highly-skilled security personnel and foster an environment of continuous improvement.

Industry Security Services in California will provide top quality Security Service Officers





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Industry Security Services in California will provide top quality Security Service Officers

Our officers are highly motivated and perform their duties under some of the most arduous conditions. They can make the right decisions should a challenging situation occur.

Industry Security Services, Inc. provides our carefully selected officers with fair wages, premium benefits, and support system that fosters a passion for serving our clients. This attitude can be measured by the exceptional service our clients enjoy.

I know that when our officers are happy, they will perform at a level to exceed our client’s expectations, and this environment is what creates the success that you are seeking.

Industry Security Services in California mission statement is simple, all we strive for is Happy Clients






Quality People Equals Quality Service.

Find out how you can join our Professional Team of Security Service Professionals and enjoy a Team of Respected Experts in the Business.





With Silvertrac Software Security Officers create incident reports from the field in an easy, streamlined process that saves time without compromising accountability.


Our President, Mr. Brian Dryer, is registered with Apple, Inc. as an App Developer, and is credited with the design and production of the Innovative Data Collection & Tracking Program utilized by ISSI security officers known as:


SecureTrakMatrix® is a registered Data Collection and Tracking Program used by Industry Security Services, Inc.

This App program is utilized by ISSI Security Officers and management staff to collect, track, and analyze all data from ingress and egress processes of freight among distribution centers, tracking precise movement through gate entrances and locations for all ISSI distribution customers.






Officer of the Month - July 2015 - Jack Weber Industry Security Services, Inc. - Officer of the Quarter - 2nd Quarter 2015 - Matthew Wilkin Industry Security Services, Inc. - Officer of the Year - 2014 - Robert Kelley